Southern Strokes Ethan and Ashton

Howdy guys! How about some new and fresh southern strokes? It seems like today Ethan and Ashton are in the mood of banging each other so they couldn’t be stopped! They thought that a little fucking session right before getting to work won’t do any harm! So these guys are together by about an year and they really like to surprise each other! Let’s have a look at what they had in mind the other day cause they looked pretty damn horny!

As the phone rang these two southernstrokes fellas realized that they were late for work but they couldn’t left each other unsatisfied so as soon as they had a shower together soon after that they went into the bedroom to take some clothes on and these they started to suck each other like crazy! In the end all that they had in mind was cumming on each other and this dude was the first and he wanted to do a facial! If you wanna see these two hot guys in action just watch this entire sex scene! Enjoy also this other hot facial scene, or watch some club inferno dungeon vids and see some hot guys getting their asses stretched to the limits!


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